Quarantine Hobbies: Law Cases with Daisy O’ Hearn


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief

With the vast amounts of time that is in our hands, many have turned to find further passion towards the career fields that seep from their dreams and into reality. Daisy O’ Hearn, 18 from Newport, Oregon, found much enjoyment in learning about various court cases. In the past, she took a constitutional law class, where her love for this activity sprouted. She has always aspired to be a lawyer, and this hobby sets the groundwork needed to have a deep understanding of decisions of the Supreme Court, which would lead her to be successful in her desired field. Daisy expands on that by stating, “I love hearing how each Supreme Court Justice has their own approach and even though they disagree with each other, they can separate opinions from people.” Along with this, she expresses how crucial it is for other people to acquire the knowledge that is gained from her hobby, as people can learn about history. This would lead people to possibly work towards the prevention of the repetition of past events that have been proven to be lethal. All points pooled together form the conclusion that points to the encouragement of finding hobbies that not only provide one enjoyment, but a boost in experience for any future goals they may have along with one that could provide knowledge that would aid in the fostering of the well-being of our world.