Quarantine Hobbies: Roller Skating with Belle Buczyk


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief

To wiggle out of the sadness that being cooped up at home brings, many have turned to skating, but some have decided to take a step into the world of roller skating. Belle Buczyk, 14, from Newport, Oregon got her exposure to roller skating online, from TikTok. Instantly, she fell in love with how cool and exhilarating it looked. So, off she went to indulge in her new interest. She expresses that she wanted to learn skating in general for a long time, “…skateboards aren’t my thing. I think what stood out most was how unique roller skating is. You don’t see too many people roller skating at the skatepark.” Belle further states that she would recommend this activity to a friend, but would encourage them to make sure they would be willing to exercise commitment as roller skates are really expensive and the skill itself is hard to master, meaning one would need to make time to tend to their practice. Roller skating emits uniqueness and is a great activity for people who are trying to get out and try something new.