Quarantine Hobbies: Painting with Layla Newell


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief

The love for painting has been on the rise, which blooms a sense of peace from the simple swish of a brush against a canvas. Layla Newell, 14, from Toledo, Oregon, has found appreciation for this very hobby. During these times, she found herself to be under a great deal of stress. To counter this, she turned to painting as it seemed to be something that would provide relaxation to ease her. She expresses her enjoyment, saying, “I love creating beautiful images with painting,” and goes on to encourage others to partake in this activity: “…I would recommend this because it uses creativity.” Layla later points out that creativity was hard to come by in her life, especially when she could just scroll aimlessly for hours on her phone, which would be tempting even when relaxing with art. Overall, the combatting of stress is shown to be pulled through successfully with painting, and it serves to be an engaging activity that most would enjoy.