Quarantine Hobbies: Flower Picking with Payton Beauchamp


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief

With social distancing being rightfully enforced, outdoor activities are hard to come by. Payton Beauchamp however, found appeal in the activity of flower picking. After being cooped up inside for so long, he sought out activities that involved his interest in nature. Relaxation was a factor that posed much importance, and therefore flower picking arose as a good candidate. Payton found joy in searching for flowers, and going outside while playing some of his favorite tunes quickly became a hobby. Among the various advantages, he states, “…it has personally helped me with my anxiety a little, and it’s a nice way to take your mind off things.” This simple, but impactful hobby, can inspire many to go out and just feel their worries melt away with the beauty of flower picking.