Quarantine Hobbies: Disc Golf with Elliott Crowder


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-in-Chief

Athletics spark the interest of many, but due to current events, a lot of roadblocks are set in the way of it’s enjoyment. Elliott Crowder, 16, from Newport, Oregon, however, found new interest:  disc golf. His story starts with him buying equipment for (ball) golf at Big5 when he spotted a starter pack for disc golf on sale. After this, he decided to call up a couple of his friends to purchase the set and to go out and play. He finds great appeal in this hobby as, “it’s outdoors, free, and accessible for any skill level.” He further explains that the activity solidified his connections with his friends and proved to be a great way to challenge himself, leading him to want to recommend it to others. On account of that, when the brooding vibe of isolation sinks it teeth in, don’t be afraid to go out and try something new to counter it.