“Roadtrip” by Dream (feat. PmBata)

Roadtrip” by Dream (feat. PmBata)

Kasin Schwab, Staff Writer

Minecraft’s faceless YouTuber, Dream, known for his Minecraft challenges and speedruns, recently released a song before his anticipated face reveal. His song is called “Roadtrip”, which can be streamed on all platforms. As I listened to Roadtrip for the first time, I was amazed by the song’s quality and seriousness. Being a fan of Dream for a while now, I guess you could call me a Dreamer; but in all sincerity, the song brought me a lot of sentimental feelings. Lyrics that gave me nostalgia while listening include these: “Now that interstate is paved with memories. Of a past life, I lived when I was eighteen.” I feel as though I can relate to the lyrics even though I’m not 18 yet, nor have I been on a road trip in a van. It’s a comfort song to listen to, even if you don’t relate to it directly. The song uses many analogies to help convey emotions and experiences you might not have experienced. Dream’s voice is very charming and refreshing to listen to, and the rhythm along with the backtrack of the song, are nice to the ears. I recommend you listen to this song and help support Dream in his music and YouTube career.