Small Businesses in the Pandemic


Maya Howard, Staff Writer

Small businesses are being hit the hardest during this pandemic. Stores, restaurants, salons, and so many other businesses have been shut down for a few months and some have not been able to recover from it. People refusing to follow simple rules and precautions have also hurt these hard-working businesses. It is required that you wear a mask and social distance, but it is different for each establishment. Here are only a few of the rules Kathi Parr from Avenue 20 hair salon has to follow: symptom check before an appointment, disinfect all touched surfaces between each client, the stylist must wear a clean smock and clean cape for each client, and clients can’t bring anybody with them to an appointment. She also decided that one stylist would work at a time to maintain social distancing 

During normal circumstances, research has shown that 1 in 12 businesses close a year, but in December it was recorded that 800 businesses in the US close every day. The rules that have to be followed have not helped with that either. “All the extra disinfecting supplies and PPE has had an impact on my income. Having to homeschool my son has also impacted how much I’m able to work,” says Kathi. There aren’t only negatives to this, though, because COVID Kathi can’t allow walk-ins. “I like not allowing walk-ins, because I’m not getting interrupted when with a client,” she says. 

We can do a lot to help our local small businesses, for example, we can shop from their online stores or go to their stores in-person to buy a product instead of turning to a big corporation, and we can recommend their products or their work to the people around us. We have to listen to the rules that are provided in the business, these people work really hard, especially now, and it would make our lives and theirs easier if we just abided by precautions. Help small businesses while still being safe!