Motivation During Quarantine


Kasin Schwab, Staff Writer

Having motivation in quarantine is tough to come by and everyone is in the same boat. Here presented are tips and ideas to help you get back on your groove. With all the time on our hands, a new routine consisting of the organization of life in and out of quarantine proves to be worth investing in. Our days are stale and planning ahead helps to keep levels of motivation high in the present with goals to work towards for the future. An approach to organizing your life could be done by taking the steps towards a healthy sleep schedule, or attempting at-home exercise. Enhancing your knowledge is another way to keep motivated, such as learning a new language. This provides interest and uses time wisely while fostering and polishing helpful skills. Along with this, staying in touch with your family and friends is another good way to keep a healthy mindset. Knowing that everyone is going through the same dilemma and is safe during this difficult time helps with your mental health and encourages you to take action and interact. Learning new hobbies is a great way to formulate good uses of your time. This could also work towards motivation, not to mention the increase of skills that could be helpful in the future. Being in quarantine should get us motivated to explore ourselves while remaining safe. We shouldn’t be wasting time being inactive, and try to pick up some new things to lessen the burden on our shoulders.