Mai’s Asian Market and Why It Is The Best


Rhya Xing, Editor-In-Chief

Located off of Highway 20, Mai’s Asian Market is a wonderful place full of delights for everyone! Mai’s carries some of the best products, ranging from ramen to homeopathic medicine to oriental clothing. A fun place to hang out and shop, Mai’s is a place of memories for plenty of Newport’s residents including Abby Locklear. 

¨I went there before laser tag once and the mochi was good. I remember having lots of fun with the friends I had at the time.¨

The owner of Mai’s is one of Newport’s best residents, she is kind, generous and amazing with homeopathic medicine recommendations. From headaches to stomachaches to hives there is a tea recommendation. The tea is usually delightful to drink and much more simple to swallow than horse pills. There are so many things to look forward to when going there. Warm smiles, delicious candies, gorgeous trinkets, fun displays, tasty drinks, and more. 

Mai opened Mai’s Asian Market in 1996 and has been running the store ever since. Mai’s is definitely family owned and operated and it shows and pays off in the wonderful culture there. Mai’s is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and closed on Sunday and Monday. As for more memories at Mai’s, Kasin Schwab has some to share.

 “I remember in the past and even now that my sisters and I would always beg my mom for jelly straws every time we shopped at Mai’s. Mai would always give us free candy which I thought was very cute, and somewhat encouraged me to go there. She’s always smiling and welcoming every time I enter the shop. We’ve created fun memories there.”

Many Newport residents can agree that Mai’s is indeed a destination to visit and shop.