Staying Active During Covid-19


Samuel Postlewait , Staff Writer

Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been staying home and practicing social distancing, But with these rules it meant we had to lose are beloved activities that kept us fit and busy. The high school football, basketball, and swim teams have not had a single practice and there is little hope for a season. Thankfully though, the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived, and that means more gyms are opening up and small social gatherings can occur. Below are some ways you can do socially distanced practices with teammates.

The simplest workout you can do is go for a run. Running is a  great way to exercise because it’s simple, and you don’t need any equipment for it. Running will increase cardio and stamina while also making your legs much stronger. You could run with a friend or the rest of your team just make sure to be socially distanced from one another. Another thing you could do in running is make it a race among the rest of your teammates.

My personal favorite workout is biking. I find it very fun and you can see a lot of Newport on a bike. If you have trails or a road that you can bike on I would highly suggest that you do it. If you don’t have access to trails you could ask someone to drive you to a spot.

A spot I go biking a lot is the reservoir road. On that road you get a beautiful view of the reservoir and there are a lot of hills to climb and ride down.

The next is a dryland workout. Dryland is when there is a set of exercises like burpees, pushups, or plank, and doing a few sets of that. This you could do by yourself but is a lot more fun with friends because it’s hard to stay focused on a workout when you’re all by yourself. If you do want to do these by yourself if you look up a dryland workout you will find many options to choose from. I always prefered doing these outside but if you have to do the workout inside you can.

Going to the gym is an amazing way to stay in shape. Newport is very lucky to have a gym open because it’s not inside and is hard to stay six feet, but not impossible. In order to enter the gym you need a few bucks (or a membership card), and a mask. The gym is  safe as long as you follow the guidelines and wipe off the machines before and after using them.

The 3rd and final tip is to just review and watch videos to improve technique. Visualising yourself doing well is a very important aspect  to all sports. I have been re-watching other people do my sport so that when I can get back to my activity I will be ready.