Quarantine Hobbies: Gaming with Kacey Cutter


Samiha Mahmood, Editor-In-Chief

Video games are a crucial source of entertainment for many, and as boredom arises while being stuck at home, the upsides of gaming come to the rescue. Kacey Cutter, 16, from Newport, Oregon, expresses the role that gaming has played in her life, especially during these hard times. She explains that her initial state was filled with being constantly surrounded by dullness and to be in “somewhat of a slump” at the beginning of quarantine. However, with time, she found video games to take a lot of that away. Once Kacey took this activity more seriously, it became her hobby. She also states that gaming has played a huge part in bringing her closer to her friends; “I really appreciate the social aspect, especially in a time where we cannot see people in person. It makes me feel less alone.” This is a great point, as many people seem to carry the burden of loneliness during this era, and having something to combat that is crucial. Kacey expands on that by saying that video games are quite broad when it comes to types and difficulty, meaning that there is something for everyone. Therefore, if anyone finds themselves aimless with the weight of boredom and desolation on their shoulders, turning to video games in hopes of a solution would not be a dull idea.