Wearing Masks to School



Melissa Esmerelda at school with a mask

Wearing masks is essential most any place we go that has people. That especially means wearing masks when we go back to school. Masks lessen any spread of viruses, sickness, and now, most importantly, Covid-19. They provide more safety, not just for yourself, but for the others around you. We need to think of not only ourselves, but also think of the other students, teachers, and the families of those people. If we don’t wear masks around the other students and teachers, it could spread to them, and then that could lead them to accidentally spreading the virus to their whole family. It is also important, even when we get the vaccine, to keep wearing the masks for a bit because there’s always a small chance that a person who gets vaccinated could still get and/or carry Covid. The vaccine helps reduce that chance by a lot, but there’s still that small chance. It is important for everyone to take safety precautions and wear a mask.