Nap Time; A Revolutionary Product

Brendan Leahy

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The iconic Naptime! infomercial was written and directed by Chris Capel, released eight years ago on May 3, is a hilarious show of comedic irony and humorous hoax. Naptime! is not a real commercial; you cannot actually buy the revolutionizing sleepy-time spray. “23 easy payments of $1.99” are not necessary as the product does not exist and is illegal in all of the United States, save Alabama. The infomercial offers a bonus dreamsack; “It’s compact and portable for those on the go tantrums! Just cover it, tighten it, and forget about it!” The infomercial video is narrated by an overexcited Joshua Tomar which makes the experience about two thousand times better. “Many children were harmed in the making of this video” is in the description, and indeed, is the only thing in the description. Credits are given at the end of the infomercial stating contributors’ names. No children were actually harmed in the making of the video, or it would be illegal. Naptime! is a funny, short video to watch if you are craving some ironic satire with a side dish of dark humor. It’s a fun flick for the whole family to enjoy together while eating popcorn!