This year has been stressful. There have been so many things that have happened this year, it’s hard to name everything at this point. Covid-19 has been one of the large problems that we have been facing in 2020. It has impacted all of us in a negative way. Oregon has been on lockdown since March 8th. Although, as of September 29th, phase 2 went into session. 

So, what is phase 2? Phase 2 means instead of 25 people together in a gathering, there can be 50-100 people. People can also go back to work even if you don’t work at an essential workplace. You will still have to follow the rules, such as, stay a six foot distance from others, and wear your mask. Restaurants and bars will have their closing time extended to midnight. Pools and sports will now reopen as well. Schools are also looking to bring kids back a small amount at a time. 

Your county will need to continue close monitoring of OHA’s six public health indicators to manage any increase in new cases,” Gov. Brown told the Commissioners. “Maintaining a culturally responsive and robust contact tracing system, as well as an effective testing and isolation strategy, will be key to containing any potential spread of the virus. Phase 2 is the last full phase until there is a widely available treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19,” said Governor Kate Brown. 

Lincoln County was the last county in Oregon to be in phase 2. The reason for the delay was because the Pacific Seafood Fishplant had an outbreak. There were 187 cases. In order to be in phase 2, our county had to be in phase 1 for at least 21 days. We also had to reduce our Covid-19 cases to 100 cases or less per 100,000 people per week. Face coverings are still required for ages five and up whenever you’re in public. 

Health Officials strongly urge people not to travel for the holidays. If you do travel, make sure you stay socially distant and wear your mask. Travel with people you normally socialize with. Also, be aware of where other family members came from or traveled to.

“Limit your travel distance. Wear a mask covering your mouth and your nose… Use hand sanitizer frequently,” said Dr. Present, who works with Health Officials.