The Kelly Disney story


Recently, we have been seeing a lot of posters and signs that read “Justice of Kelly Disney.” Kelly’s sister, Angela Dodds, is the one who has been putting them all over Lincoln county. Kelly Disney was a seventeen-year-old girl who lived with Siletzs with her parents, Stan and Betty Disney, as well as her siblings. On March 9, 1984, she was seen walking Highway 20 at around 1 a.m. That was the last time she was seen before she disappeared with no trace of where she could be. 

Almost exactly ten years after she disappeared, a skull was found in an abandoned car near the Big Creek reservoir. Children were known to play in the car and the skull had not been there the day before it was found. The day it was found, “Two men were driving around on the dirt roads near the reservoir and stopped near the car. While one of them tried to repair his radio, the passenger walked over and looked in the car. That is when he discovered the skull and decided to take it with him,” said Lincoln County Investigator, Linda Snow. Linda investigates cold cases like Kelly’s at least one day a week, but since she has been working at home due to the pandemic, she is able to work on them more frequently. 

In 2009, Lincoln County investigators started with five homicide cases within the years 1984 to 1995; Kelly’s was the first. They were all young women, and they were all last seen around 1 a.m. Kelly was last seen in 1984, Sheila Swanson and Melissa Sanders were seen in 1992, and Jennifer Esson and Kara Leas were last seen in 1995. Sheila and Melissa’s cases were solved, and the suspect was John Arthur Ackroyd, who was already in prison for murder. He died before they could take his case to the Grand Jury. 

“From what we know, Kelly was a sweet kind person, liked by everyone, and very much in love. Her younger sister Angela particularly looked up to her,” said Linda. Hopefully, with the new information that has been coming in from all the new posters, Kelly’s case will be solved.