Staying home- with children


My article today is about staying at home with younger children. I do not recommend staying home around small children. Though, do stay home since a certain crisis is still going on. What I mean is to designate a safe space where you can be far away from the children. I, myself, realized just how much I need to be away when I would move from where the children roam to somewhere they aren’t allowed to go that I can. Do spend time with your family, of course, but you need to recognize when it is too much. Sometimes the reason you feel overwhelmed is that you need to take a moment and to be alone, to breathe, and to think. To some, that space may be their room, to others, maybe it can be somewhere like a shed or garage. Small, older, and even kids our age get to a point where they are too much- the same with adults- so, for your sanity, I suggest a happy safe place to be a getaway.