Matcha Crepe Cake


Julie Zeng, Staff Writer

A matcha crepe cake is a simple, yet delicious, dessert that combines matcha into the fascinating multilayered cake. It consists of a stack of thin matcha flavored pancakes slathered with sweet cream in between each layer. To top it off, they add sprinkles of matcha powder and sugar. My first encounter with this delightful treat takes me back to November 2018 when I visited a cake boutique chain, Lady M, in New York City, known for their various cakes. I ordered a slice of their matcha crepe cake since I enjoy matcha/green tea flavored foods. As I sunk my fork into the soft and bouncy surface of the cake and took my first bite, the exquisite flavor unleashed onto my taste buds. It is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming, but rather the perfect balance of sweetness. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to try a dessert outside of their comfort zone that will exceedingly satisfy them.