Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”

January 30, 2021


The Shining: A satisfying mix between psychological horror and cinematic pleasure. This classic was directed and produced by the great Stanley Kubrick. Based on Stephens King’s 1977 grueling novel by the same name, one of the lead protagonists, Jack Torrance a father, writer, and ex-alcoholic accepts the perfect job as an off-season caretaker at the Overlook hotel. Just like any story from the 70s, it starts out as a happy family. Although you may think the peace and quiet of this hotel is the perfect setting for a struggling writer and his family, you’ll feel a shiver down your spine as fall descends into winter cabin fever. Hold your breath as the child Danny rides his tricycle through the chilling hallways while this once happy family falls victim to the horrors of the shining hotel. 

From the mesmerizing color schemes to the brilliant performances, Stanley Kubrick created one of the most iconic films of its time.

 Although this is an R-rated film, it isn’t filled with gore and jump scares like most movies. The chilling effects follow you to the next morning. You’ll start thinking twice before being left alone- and in a time like this, begin to blur the lines between social distancing and isolation. 


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