Violet Evergarden


Bored in Quarantine and also have a Netflix subscription? Don’t worry I have the perfect show for you to watch next! The show is called Violet Evergarden. It possesses beautiful animation and a touching storyline. The show includes a total of 13, 20-minute episodes making it easy to binge in a few days. The anime is about a 13-year-old girl named Violet Evergarden, who had experienced the means of war as a weapon, and now set on her own to find her sole purpose for existence. She is an emotionless character who you begin to connect with, whose desire is to define the words, “I love you.” As her Major had given her. We go through her journey together as she writes letters for those who can not, and discover the real meaning behind those three very words. Through the rough and cold grief will eventually bring a warm soft smile, as the art will show for it all. The show will leave you eager for more and when you finish it, it will leave you empty inside, as if something beautiful was taken away from you.