Taylor Swift’s Newest Album

Taylor Swifts Newest Album

Alexa Saxton, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift’s 8th studio album, Folklore, takes a more indie/alternative take, compared to her previous pop and country albums. She tells a narrative of a couple and a mistress. “Betty” is from the point of view of the man that cheated. “Illicit Affairs” is about how an affair can affect someone’s relationship. “The Last Great American Dynasty” is from Rebecca’s point of view about herself. “August” is from the mistress’s point of view. “Peace” is a song about loving someone while knowing you can never give them peace, so you have to let them go. She provides a peaceful background to distract from the heart-wrenching lyrics. Keep in mind this is all just from what I’ve interpreted. Taylor did a Disney+ exclusive documentary of her going more into depth about the album and talks with the co-writers, Aaron Dressner and Jack Antonoff. This album is an out-of-body experience and I would recommend it to anyone.