Bad Cat Toys


Angelique Bass, Staff Writer

Wondering what cat toys not to give your cat? Let’s start off with the “Tamu-style cat spring toys.” These springy toys are not durable, whatsoever, and are easy enough for your cat to tear apart. Although, you don’t want your cat to eat the plastic pieces, so be very careful. However, it does do the job when it comes to keeping your cat entertained and playful. Next, is a homemade cat toy using string, ribbon, and rubber bands. This can be very dangerous if swallowed, cats have a barbed-tongue that faces in towards the mouth, causing it hard for cats to spit it out if swallowed. If a cat does swallow the yarn or ribbon, it travels lengthwise along the intestines causing them to scrunch up accordion-style, then turning in on itself like a sock and can be life-threatening. Finally, a review of any teaser wand with streamers- if your cat ingests the streamers, it is a visit to the vet right away to have surgery with high risks of loss. I hope this helps!