Lemons are good!


Elia Garcia-Ramos, Staff Writer

It’s always good to start your day with a cup of warm lemon water. As many say “that’s so basic”, it may be basic, but totally beneficial. Warm lemon water can help your metabolism boost, clear your skin, and promote hydration. It is also a good source of vitamin C, and it’s always good to have citric in one’s body to prevent any colds and flus. Lemons overall are good on anything actually. Whether it’s chicken or fish or any other foods or even other fruits. Because after all, it’s citrus, and lemons can prevent any lung and liver disease and lower risks of catching any health condition. The amount of lemon you put in your glass of water depends on the person’s taste of citrus or sweetness. Lemon water can also help with weight loss. Drinking lemon water can however help improve many health benefits. It’s also never bad to drink a cup of warm or cold lemon water every morning before starting your day.