Climate Protest


Weekly Climate action protests!

Event: Fridays For Our Future Protest

When: Fridays at 4:00 pm (weekly)

Where: Newport Oregon City Hall 

Other information: Bring appropriate sign and covid safe personal protective equipment

Oregon Youth For Climate holds a protest every Friday at 4:00 pm at Newport City Hall. They’re participating in Greta Thunbergs “Fridays For Our Future” to encourage action and bring awareness to one of the biggest threats to human rights in the 21st century, climate change. 

Many students in our school including Maia Stout, Hailey Feuling, and Kaydance Redwine participate in this event to fight for their right to a future of climate justice. 

If you are interested in joining everyone is welcome, they encourage bringing a sign and participants must practice safe social distancing. 

For updates and more information you can visit our Instagram and Facebook page @climatecoasties !!