Part One


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~Part 1~


“We can easily forgive a child for fearing the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


Here we stand, in the light of day

Hand in hand, our voices sing

We stamp and cheer, the storm at bay

We raise our arms, our weapons ring

Our victory arrived, no longer must we pray

As here we stand, in the light of day

As time goes on, memories will fade

The war we fought, gone like a dream

Few who battled remain, no longer do we need such aid

Our two worlds, once united, now tearing by the seams

For the night that we fought has finally returned 

Our lights extinguished, our fires no longer burn

The night that children oh so fear

Very little do they have that they hold dear

Yet we do not help, only we berate

As time goes on, our memories do fade

Here I wait, the key in hand

For the one who is foretold to save the land

That which a thousand men could not do

A single boy will finish with a heart so true

After a journey worth a lifetime, after losing a friend

The swords united, the Loom resewing the end

Nothing can extinguish the Wolf’s brilliant light

Not even the dark, not even a blight

High above, in victory, will the boy long stand

The hero of two worlds, he’s coming to me

So here I wait, the key in hand

-Kindre of the Unknown